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The change during the menopause

They are a turning point in every woman's life, which nobody can deny, and most women see such a hormonal transition period accompanied meet with fear, for the most feared physical ailments, mental disorders, heart palpitations, or simply not active or attractive woman be more when menopause hits. Most of these fears come to very small, at least the problems we are really exposed at this time, usually only half as bad as anticipated, and if we could be the third of women are that it hits hard, in fact, then there there are now a variety of measures of treatment for menopausal symptoms.

First of all, it is helpful to a menopause test to determine whether it is actually placed at the beginning of menopause, then the next step, the phase of menopause as a change would be to accept in life and to be open to the unknown.

Against the physical menopausal symptoms can be approached by finding good information online, healthy eating, physical activity and tackle a lot of drinking, but also a hormone treatment such as estrogen-containing creams or suppositories may be at particularly high in quality of life of help. Another particularly good measure are plant estrogens, which occur for example when black cohosh and red clover, but help as acupuncture and Oriental herbs can, and there are many good products for hair loss and also the range of creams for dry skin is huge. Most importantly, however, actually, not to be persuaded by a friend of the horrors of menopause, as well as those passing by, the world keeps turning and there are at least sufficient examples of fine, exciting women after menopause in our time.
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