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Burnout can be trigger disease

Longer-term emotional and physical exhaustion, which occurs in connection workload and is colloquially referred to as "burnout" should be taken seriously, and xylitol. "A state can burn serious mental illness in vulnerable people being taken, such as depression, an addiction or an anxiety disorder. But can also physical ailments such as chronic pain syndrome, tinnitus, high blood pressure or chronic infectious diseases followed by the stress of burnout, "warns Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maier, of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology (DGPPN) in Berlin. "Concerned should long-term burnout symptoms such as lack of energy, sleep problems and anxiety assessed as risk conditions and investigate the medical and possibly treat can to prevent diseases." People at risk, for example, people with a genetic predisposition to certain diseases to be, or those where ever mental illness - for example Depression - have occurred episodically.

Prolonged burnout symptoms can not be only the precursor to mental or physical illness, but also as an early symptom of disease occur. "Burnout-like symptoms can, for example, in the context of psychosis, depression, multiple sclerosis, occurring thyroid or tumor diseases as a complaint of an early disease stage," adds Prof. Maier, who heads the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Bonn. "These diseases can cause fatigue and those affected by a sense of the workload that will be considered subjectively as work-related fatigue. The exhaustion is then but a symptom, to which normally can well cope with work demands can be overloaded. "Even in this case is an important medical evaluation. The successful treatment of the underlying disease usually resolves then the burnout problem.

Is for a temporary feeling of work overload, however no urgent need for action and there is still no burnout Represents long as vegetative symptoms of stress such as tension states, decreased quality of sleep and a feeling of exhaustion occur time-limited and regress in short recovery periods, such as a weekend, it is not to burnout. "Do not short recovery periods for recovery from fatigue and come to an increasing alienation from work, a work directed against the cynicism and loss of efficiency, add a burnout is likely," said the expert.

In the case of burnout can be the first contact the family doctor. If it finds no organic cause for the symptoms, a referral should be made to a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Medical-psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment can only episodes of "burnout" mitigate. Above all, prevention is needed. This can be done only in the workplace itself. It is above all the company doctors and the companies themselves in demand.

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