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Definition of breast cancer

Breast cancer, which can both women and men will be accountable, known in medical terminology as breast cancer. Unlike women, men significantly less likely to suffer from this disorder and have in the diagnosis of breast cancer is usually advanced age. Women can already by 30 Diagnosed with breast cancer a year.

The breast cancer
Breast cancer is a gynecological disorder that occurs in this form only for women and in some pretty unusual outside the visible changes of one or both breasts expressed Female. The oncological disease, which manifests itself in breast cancer is a malignant cell and Gewebsentartung, which is confined primarily to the mammary gland. In addition, breast cancer can occur in other areas of the breast and is characterized in that context by a different distribution.

As breast cancer occurs
Breast cancer forms in the various Gewebsformationen from the breast. Ergo will be diagnosed with breast cancer that forms in the cells of the mammary gland and is known as Lobular carcinoma or prospective in the milk ducts called ductal carcinoma as. The latter appearance is found in most cases of women with breast cancer. The most difficult thing when breast cancer is that the tumor is growing over the years and occur at a certain degree of maturation of cells degenerate spin-offs of single cell systems. These cells are supported on the basis of the lymphatic and blood vascular system through the body and make their way into other parts of the body. There, the cells can attach themselves and begin re-growth. This is metastasis in advanced stages of development life-threatening, because it contributes to decay and interference with the functioning of other tissues and organs come. Explanation of the concept behind the term breast carcinoma hidden chest. A cancerous tumor is a malignant growth, which is characterized by a scattering of degenerated cancer cells. Carcinomas are usually formed in the surface tissue, which is located on the skin or mucous membranes and occur predominantly in the glandular epithelium or squamous epithelium.

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